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Faculty of Economic Unand Holds International Seminar SDGs and Green Economy

10 June 2016


Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Andalas held International Seminar on Thursday (09/06) at Convention Hall Campus Limau Manih, Padang.

Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Green Economy invites keynote speakers Dr. Ir. Yurdi Yasmi, M.Sc professional staff FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) based in the UN Regional for the Asia-Pacific at Bangkok, Dr. Fadjar Goembira, M.Sc lecturer from Faculty of Environmental Engineering of Andalas University, and Prof. Dr. Werry Darta Taifur, SE, MA Economist from Andalas University.

Naphelia Oktria Nesti as Committee Chairman said that the objective of this seminar is to provide better understanding about the concept of green economy, how to implement sustainable development without destroying nature and to understand the implementation of SDGs as a concept of a green economy.

Andalas University Rector Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE, MBA said that the SDGs is the sustainable development goals of the United Nations as the world development agenda for the benefit of humans and the planet.

He also mentioned that SDGs a continuation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which is no longer valid since 2015.

As he said, Green Economy is an economy that improve human welfare as well decrease environmental risks significantly.

"The concept of green economy complements the concept of sustainable development," he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yurdi Yasmi describes the future development we learn from the past to achieve "The Future We Want". The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 and surpass 11 billion by 2100.

"India will surpass China as the country with the largest population approximately 7 years from now," he said.

He also said about the achievement of economic growth with the increasing of income per capita, poverty reduction, improved health, education and life expectancy, the modernization of various sectors such as transport, communication, service and others, as well as the emergence of the Asian tigers.

The other side of economic growth disparities (Inequality) and environmental impact (Environmental Impact), "said the man who original from Payakumbuh.

In addition, Unand Economist Prof. Werry Darta Taifur, said that to achieve SDGs, it needs to recognize the three principles, they are universality, integration and transformation.

According to Prof. Werry, these three principles have not been accommodated in the current government regulations yet.

"Indonesia will succeed in achieving SDGs with some current government regulations that need to be adjusted, otherwise Indonesia will fail to achieve the MDGs," he said.


The seminar was attended by students of Unand and students from other universities and the academic community of the University of Andalas. The seminar was moderated by Prof. Syafruddin Karimi and opened by the Rector of Andalas University Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE, MBA.

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