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Unand Initiate Collaboration with IBIMA

28 September 2018

Padang (Unand) - Andalas University initiated partnership with the Indonesian Business and Manufacturing Association (IBIMA) on Friday (28/9) in the Meeting Room of the Faculty of Engineering, Unand Limau Manis campus, Padang.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding was carried out directly by Rector of Andalas University Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE, MBA with the President Director of PT. IBIMA Ir. I Made Dana M. Tangkas, MSi, IPU accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ir. Insannul Kamil, M. Eng, Ph. D, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology Dr. Ahmad Syafruddin Indra Priyatna, MT, Dean of the Faculty of Economics Dr. Hariv Amali Riva'i and Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Engineering, Taufik, MT.

This memorandum of understanding contains the implementation of cooperation in the fields of Education, Research, and Community Service related to the development of industrial work culture and the establishment of world-class competitive industries.

Rector of Andalas University said the importance of synergy between academics and companies which in fact practitioners would be obtained by Andalas University, especially the Faculty of Engineering such as student internships, the transfer of knowledge between the world of education and the industrial world.

Another hope is that the existence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from IBIMA towards Andalas University, especially the Faculty of Engineering, is in the form of cooperation and others that can increase generating income.

Because at this time, he said Andalas University there were already several collaborations, one of them with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources by obtaining a Microhydro Power Plant (PLTMH) and also grant assistance from PT Charoen Pokhpand which was to make enclosure close house systems for broilers.

At present the government demands that universities not only improve academic quality but also demand the leadership of a university to generate generating income through collaborations with the world of industry and other institutions.

Furthermore, he said that this good opportunity with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Andalas University and IBIMA and also as soon as possible a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) would be very beneficial for both parties in the future, "he explained.

Meanwhile Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Andalas University Ir. Insannul Kamil, M. Eng, Ph. This activity is a big step for the advancement of industry in West Sumatra.

According to him, the economic growth that occurred in West Sumatra was not based on industry in the future, he wanted the progress to be characterized by the mainstream mainstream, namely the growth and development of the industry in the area.

"Later, there will be one word that reveals that the size of a region's or country's growth is as large as the industry grows in the area, not how many people eat, but as large as the industry grows, somewhere that is the indicator that is the main indicator that the economy is growing well," he said.

Then this activity continued with focus group discussion (FGD) which was delivered directly by the President Director of PT. IBIMA Ir. I Made Dana M. Tangkas, MSi, IPU regarding the 4.0 Industrial Revolution: Strategy and Implementation in Indonesia (case study of Lean Enterprise in Automotive Industry) in the presence of Lecturers, Head of Study Programs and other invitations.

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