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Faculty of Economics Unand Celebrates 61st Anniversary

28 September 2018

Padang (Unand) - The Faculty of Economics of Andalas University celebrated its 61st birthday in an open session on Friday (28/9) at the Convention Hall Building Campus Unand Limau Manis Padang.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Andalas University Dr. Hariv Amali Riva'i said 61 years ago until now the faculty of economics had undergone many changes towards a better direction by continuing to make improvements to the physical and non-physical aspects of the core business of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely research, research and community service.

"This year the Faculty of Economics of Andalas University accepts 947 new and undergraduate students so that the number of students enrolled this year is 4,380," he said.

He said that the increase in the number of applicants who want to enter the day is increasing, this indicates better competitiveness.

In addition, he said the internationalization of study programs in the faculty is a manifestation of the vision of being an internationally reputable faculty of economics in 2024 in the development of knowledge in economics, management and accounting.

He said this effort had shown significant progress marked by obtaining international certification of the Alliance of Business Educcation and Scholarship for tomorrow a 21st Century Organization (ABEST 21) in the Master of Management (MM) study program.

"This study program is the first and only study program that has gained international recognition at Andalas University until now," he said.

Furthermore, he said that currently the accounting study program had also passed the process of evaluating the ASEAN University Network Quality - Assurance (AUN QA) certification.

"This is also a study program in Sumatra that has international AUN QA certification," he continued.

He hopes that next year the study program in economics and management will also soon get international certification.

Meanwhile the Chancellor of Andalas University Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE, MBA said congratulations to commemorate the anniversary of the economic faculty, that Allah Almighty would guide and bless the better for the sake of the Andalas University.

He said at this time, from the institutional side, Andalas University had long held a Public Service Agency (PTN-BLU) State University and had already directed Legal Entity State Universities (PTN BH).

To get to PTN BH there are several requirements that have not been able to be fulfilled by Andalas University, one of them is a lecturer of at least S3 60% and another income generating above 100 billion excluding Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP).

"Hopefully the emergence of Andalas University can meet these requirements so that behind it has been added to the Legal Entity (BH)," he hoped. He said that as a whole, new Indonesia had already had eleven state universities with legal entities including the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gajah Mada University (UGM), Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), University of Indonesia (UI), Indonesian University of Education (UPI Bandung, University North Sumatra (USU) and Airlangga University.

recently the government added a number of legal institutions, namely Padjajaran University (UNPAD), Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang, Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) and the Sepuluh November Technology Institute (ITS) Surabaya.

While Andalas University itself was said to have been prepared by the government to immediately change the status of PTN BLU to become PTN BH with two other universities namely Brawijaya University and Semarang State University (UNS).

Besides that, this anniversary celebration is also delivering the Scientific Oration by Dr. Aries Tanno, SE, Akt, MSi concerning the fragility of the three pillars of the public sector in implementing good governance.

Then the faculty of economics also gave awards to outstanding education personnel as well as outstanding students both Bachelor and Diploma (DIII) students.

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