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SKK Hulu Migas Goes to Campus Unand

28 September 2018

Padang (Unand) - The Special Work Unit for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) held a public lecture with the theme of Upstream Oil and Gas Goes to Campus at Andalas University in order to provide an understanding of the upstream oil and gas activities both from upstream activities to downstream activities Thursday (27/9) at the Convention Hall of Andalas Limau Manis University, Padang.


Vice Rector IV Dr. Ir. Endry Martius, M, Sc said students must know how SKK Migas activities both from upstream to downstream and this activity is very important to be followed by students.

"There are many job opportunities at SKK Migas, hopefully current generation students can see this opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge gained during college," he added.

Meanwhile, Head of the SKK Migas Public Relations Department of Sumbagut Representative, Haryanto Syafri in his remarks said that the upstream oil and gas business activities had a long chain of activities and involved many experts from various fields of engineering, MIPA, and social.

"The production of oil and gas is very close to the daily needs of humans and almost all come from oil and gas. The Upstream Oil and Gas Industry can be used as a driver of the national economy which should get the support of all parties, "he said.

The Goes to Campus program, SKK Migas collaborates with the Student Executive Board of the Andalas University Student Family in the 2017-2018 Integrated Acceleration Cabinet. This activity was a success which was attended by hundreds of students, lecturers, and leaders in the Andalas University Environment.

The Public Lecture presented presenters from SKK Migas and Upstream Oil and Gas stakeholders, First, the presentation of material on the Introduction of Oil and Gas Upstream Industry by Elan Biantaro as Vice President of SKK Migas Planning, Secondly, the presentation of Sharing Results System by Desti Melanti Head of Accounting Division of SKK Migas, third, presentation the policy of the West Sumatra Provincial Government in Oil and Gas Development by Edrizal representing the Head of the West Sumatra ESDM Office, and finally, the presentation of the profile and activities of the Upstream Oil and Gas from PT. Bukit Barisan Energi by Wahyu.

The Special Unit for Implementing Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) is a state institution formed specifically to carry out supervision and control of upstream oil and gas business activities.

Vice President of Planning of SKK Migas, Elan Biantaro said that the Oil and Gas sector has a very important role as an energy source and state revenue.

"Currently the Oil and Gas sector is very helpful in the bright Indonesia Program by increasing electrification from 86% to 97% in 2019," he explained.

The importance of petroleum for human life as an energy source is electricity, motorized vehicles and so on as well as daily needs (petrochemicals from petroleum) namely plastics, clothing materials, paints, fertilizers and others.

The oil and gas industry in general conducts five stages of activities, namely exploration, production, processing, transportation, and marketing. These five main activities can be divided into two categories, namely upstream activities and downstream activities.

Upstream oil and gas business activities are exploration and production activities, while downstream business activities are processing, transportation and marketing. Exploration activities aim to find new reserves. If economic reserves are found to be developed, exploration activities will be continued with production activities.

"The Oil and Gas Sector needs special regulations to regulate it, in managing the upstream oil and gas business, Indonesia develops a production sharing contract or cooperation contract with contractors," said Desti Melanti, Head of the SKK Migas Accounting Division

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