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President Director of Semen Padang Gives Public Lecture in Unand

27 September 2018

Padang (Unand) - President Director of PT Semen Padang Ir. Yosfiandri, MM gave a public lecture at Andalas University on Thursday (27/9) on the 5th floor of Padang's Unand Limau Manis campus with the topic of Safety: Become Trusted Engginer.

In front of Andalas University students, especially the Faculty of Engineering, he explained that Work Safety is an effort carried out by a person or group to prevent accidents in every work activity in the work environment.

In addition, he also conveyed the main purpose of occupational safety and health (K3) at work is to protect and ensure the safety of every workforce and other people in the workplace, ensuring that every source of production can be used safely and efficiently and improve national welfare and productivity.

He mentioned that there were three obligations of the company management that coordinated with the K3 experts to install all work safety requirements, install all work safety images and prepare personal protective equipment.

Whereas the rights and obligations of the workforce are to give the correct information when asked by the occupational safety employee, to use the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to fulfill and comply with all K3 requirements, to ask the management to carry out all the required K3 requirements and object to the work objection where K3 and APD requirements are required to be questioned by him except in special cases determined by other supervisory employees.

He further said that certainly everyone would not want to be a victim at work, not wanting to be involved as well as families who did not want to lose one of their family members.

"To be safe at work is always consistent in applying K3," he said, who is also an alumni from the Faculty of Engineering, Andalas University.

He also conveyed the results of a study carried out by a Swiss technical institute on construction cases that caused death and injuries and other losses to obtain conclusions which led to cases in the workplace including lack of knowledge, expediting requirements, lack of care, forgetting, habit without recheck, not understanding conditions, selection of low quality and not understanding responsibility.

The main task of an entrepreneur is to put safety as the main factor coupled with a professional attitude to comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

This activity was opened directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ir. Insannul Kamil, PhD, who was promoted by Vice Dean III Dr. Is Prima Nanda and also attended by lecturers, heads of programs and employees.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering revealed that the application of OSH in the world of work is the main thing in the world of work.

"With the implementation of K3 that is consistent will have an impact on increasing the productivity of workers and companies as well as welfare," he said.

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