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Unand Student Community Service Students Follow Direction and Dialogue Together with the Chief of Staff of the President

02 November 2018

Padang (Unand) - In order to prepare for the 2015 Andalas University students to carry out Real Work Lectures (KKN) in 2018, Andalas University held a KKN training by presenting the Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Moeldoko, S.IP to provide direction in the construction of the nagari held on Friday (4/5) in the Auditorium of Andalas Limau Manis University in Padang.

This briefing was opened by the Governor of West Sumatra, Prof. Dr. Irwan Prayitno, Psi, M.Sc. with the theme of "Perspective of the Study of Real Work in Andalas University in the framework of Nagari Building in West Sumatra,".

Rector of Andalas University, Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE. The MBA said that Andalas University would encourage student research and research where the results of this study could be applied in the future village development.

"Andalas University is active in producing, especially in the fields of medicine, food, agriculture and agricultural technology which is very helpful for the village," he said.

This briefing was opened directly by the Governor of West Sumatra, Prof. Dr. Irwan Prayitno, Psi, M.Sc and also present who represented the West Sumatra Regional Police Chief, Dandrem 032 Wirabraja, Kodim 0312 and all levels of campus leadership within Andalas University and field assistants.

Chief of Staff of Indonesian Presidenti,  Moeldoko, who is also the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Farmers Harmony Association (HKTI) encouraged Andalas University students to continue to innovate advancing villages or villages, especially in agriculture.

He said that there are five problems experienced by farmers at present, First, land issues that are currently damaged by excess pesticides and fertilizers, making it difficult to restore soil fertility. Second, the difficulty of developing a business is because of the difficult capital due to the complexity of credit loans in several agencies. Third, the problem of technology is that most farmers in Indonesia are still weak in the use of agricultural technology tools. As a result, it is difficult to increase yields. Another problem is that in terms of management and post-harvest, many farmers are unable to improve their welfare. Besides dealing with middlemen, information development is also difficult for farmers to follow. Furthermore, in the post-harvest period, such as the management of marketing of agricultural products which sometimes costs the farmers themselves

This problem according to him needs to be a thought for students who will carry out Real Work Lectures (KKN), to find programs or solutions and can provide counseling and introduction of thoughts or applications from campus gradually to farmers.

In West Sumatra he said, indeed not all problems occur but still there must be efforts to improve the economy of farmers in the nagari. Moreover, in Unand, there is a nagari development center, of course the existing nagari expert staff is more directing the KKN students.

On this occasion, Dr. Moeldoko gave some experiences to students of KKN, totaling 4,241 for regular 2018. The students will be distributed to 169 nagari and 18 regencies / cities. In addition there are 39 students for international service learning in Malaysia and Vietnam.

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