Pendaftaran Seleksi Masuk (SIMA) Universitas Andalas (SIMA-AKADEMIK DENGAN UJIAN)  KLIK disini
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Vision and Missions


“Becoming a leading and respected university”.  


  1. To provide an excellent and enduring academic and professional education,
  2. To undertake fundamental scientific and innovative applied research to support development and advancement of science and technology, to increase scientific publication and intellectual property,
  3. To disseminate science and technology for the benefit of the people in the context of sustainable development,
  4. To develop productive and sustainable cooperation with education and government institutions as well as private en-terprises at local, national and international levels,
  5. To strengthen the institution through the application of good university governance in order to be able to anticipate changes in strategic environments.


  1. To increase the equality and access for education at local, national and international levels.
  2. To increase the quality and relevancy of education, research, and community development services
  3. To apply the principles of good university governance
  4. To expand the coverage of cooperation and increase the number of cooperation