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The Educational Philosophy of Andalas University

Andalas University seeks to build a good and strong student character to produce graduates with global competitiveness and entrepreneurship spirit. The University formulates Andalasian Characters that comprise four elements: spirituality, knowledge, charity, and social. Spirituality is the core element of education which will produce a religious person.  It is expected the four elements will color the students' attitude, ways of thinking, and actions in implementing “the three pillars of higher education” (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi): education, research, and community services.  


It is expected that the four elements of the character educate students with patience, empathy, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and sincerity, which is abbreviated  SEJATI (Sabar, Empati, Jujur, Adil, Tanggungjawab, and Ikhlas). "Patience' means that students endure trials, not irritable or quickly despaired, steadfast, unhurried, and calm. 'Empathy' means that  students have a mental state that has a feeling or identify themselves in the same state of feeling or mind with other people or groups. 'Honesty' means that students have moral correctness, uprightness, or honorableness, and do not lie, cheat in their study and always obey the regulations imposed by the university. 'Fairness' means that students treat everyone equal, not one-sided.  "Responsibility' means that students have the courage to bear all risks due to behaviour/action/everything they do. 'Sincerity"  means that students have a sincere attitude or do something unconditionally.

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