Pendaftaran Seleksi Masuk (SIMA) Universitas Andalas (SIMA-AKADEMIK DENGAN UJIAN)  KLIK disini
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"To become a leading and renowned Faculty of Nursing aimed at qualified research and community partnerships at the national and international levels by the year 2022".


  1. To develop a professional Nursing Education with research-based and community partnership approaches.

  2. To develop nursing research based on science and technology focusing on community resilience

  3. To carry out public service using research by involving the community as an effort to empower the people in the field health management.

  4. To Participate in the development of nursing science through cooperation with other institutions including professional associations, educational associations, other educational institutions home and abroad, as well as the government. 

  5. To develop the organization in improving the quality of Good University Governance so as to adapt to the changing strategic environment.



At the beginning of its commencement, the Faculty of Nursing was a part of the Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University. It offered nursing undergraduate program and nurse specialist program, based on the Decree of General Directorate of Higher Education No.: 206/Dikti/Kep/1999, and extended by the Decree No.: 65/DIKTI/KEP/2007. The first wave of students of the undergraduate program registered in 1999. The faculty was accredited B by the Decree of National University Accreditation Bureau No. 002/BAN-PT/AK-XIII/S1/IV/2010, on April 30, 2010. On August 30, 2012, based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, the Republic of Indonesia No. 25, 2012, concerning the structure of organization and management of Andalas University, the Nursing Undergraduate Program of Andalas University (PSIK, FK UNAND) was transformed into the Faculty of Nursing. The Faculty provides higher education on nursing and produces nurses that meet the national requirements. It has a mission to become a new feature of nursing science and the center of nursing education in western part of Indonesia.


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