Capacity Building Kewirausahaan Departemen Teknik Industri Fakultas Teknik  KLIK disini
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“Becoming the Study Program of reputable Agricultural Technology at the level of ASEAN in 2025”.


  1. To conduct a qualified education based upon the Framework of Indonesian National Qualification (FINQ) and National Standard of Higher Education (NSHE) to produce  the knowledgeable and professional competence, polite and entrepreneurship minded graduates and able to become the agent of change or able to compete in the global markets;

  2. To conduct core and applied researches as to produce the  technology innovative in the field of agriculture technology supporting the national development and the development of science and agricultural industry beneficent for the people in the future;

  3. To conduct a public service by playing an active role in a problem solving faced by the people in the aspects of agricultural technology.


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