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"To be a leading Pharmaceutical Studies Program nationally and internationally that produces graduates with strong competitiveness in the field of Pharmacy".



  1. To conduct quality pharmacy education with great competence in science, technology, clinical and communal pharmacy.

  2. To conduct quality pharmaceutical research, especially in the field of development of natural materials.

  3. To apply research findings to problems in the public health, the pharmaceutical industry and related institutions

  4. To establish a network of productive and sustainable cooperation with research institutes and the business world at local, national and international levels. 


  1. Producing graduates with high integrity, positive virtues, good competence and a sense of professionalism in addressing various issues in science / pharmaceutical technology, clinical and community pharmacy, and who are able to compete in the era of globalization.

  2. Producing pharmaceutical research findings that contribute to science and technology.

  3. The implementation of the results of pharmaceutical research to address public health issues in general.

  4. The creation of Good Governance Practice in particular; in the areas of planning, governance, evaluation and sustainable development, with the principles of transparency, accountability, accuracy and efficiency, by putting information system technology to use.

  5. The establishment of partnerships with various stakeholders, especially in the development of science and technology and its application to engage in both Revenue Generating Activities and non-financial endeavors. 



The founding of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, was closely related to the long history of the development of Pharmacy Department, which was previously a part of the Faculty of Science and Natural Science (FIPIA). FIPIA was commenced by the decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia No. 41007/Kab., on July 14, 1955 and legitimized by the vice president of Republic of Indonesia on September 7, 1955 in Bukittinggi. At that time, the faculty had two departments, Science and Geology, and the first dean was Prof. Dr. Moh. Sjaaf.

After about three years of its operation, the academic activities of FIPIA were forcedly stopped due to regional revolution, The Revolutionary Government Republic of Indonesia (PRRI). In 1962, initiated by some teaching staffs of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Medicine and coordinated by Drs. Wildan Yatim Lubis, the faculty was reopened in Padang, with only one department, namely Biology Department. 

Two years later, in 1964, due to the spirit and effort of Drs. Sjahriar Harun, Apt, the Dean of FIPIA, Andalas University (1964-1965), assisted by some colleagues, such as Drs. Sjahril Kudus, Drs. H. Nadir Chan, Drs. Cahyono and Ir.Soekisno Hadikumoro, the Department of Pharmacy was commenced. In the first period (1964-1971), Drs. Harun Sjahriar Apt. acted as the Head of Pharmacy Department. After going through a long difficult time, finally, on June 30, 1973, the Department successfully produced its first graduates. After successfully passed its first bachelor of pharmacy, Program of Pharmacy Specialist was commenced. Its management was done in coordination with the West Sumatera regional office of Department of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. On August 12, 1974, the Pharmacy Department conferred its first graduates. In 2000, in order to accommodate people’s enthusiasm to study pharmacy, the department extended its program by commencing the Non-Regular Undergraduate Program, which was legitimized by the Decree of General Directorate of Higher Education, National Education Department of the Republic of Indonesia No. 89/DIKTI/Kep/2000. By the commencement of this extensive program, the use of human resources in Pharmacy Department could be optimized. Then, in 2002, along with the improvement in the quality of its teaching staff, the graduate program of pharmacy was commenced. Through a long and exhausting struggle, with the cooperation of all the teaching staff, the transformation from a department into a faculty was finally approved by the General Directorate of Higher Education in 2008. The change of the status and the name is stated in the Decree of General Directorate of Higher Education, No. 0940/D.2.2/2008, dated on April 24, 2008, and signed by the Director of Academic Affair, General Directorate of Higher Education. In the same year, the Rector Decree No.:984/III/AUNAND-2008, dated on June 2, 2008 on the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy was issued. The faculty was led by Prof. Dr. Dachrius Apt. as the dean and Prof. Dr. Almahdy A., Apt. as the Secretary. In 2010, for the first time, the Dean and the Secretary of the Dean were elected by referring to the Rector’s Decree No. I, 2008, dated June 17, 2008. The elected Dean and the secretary were Dr. Muslim Suardi, MSi., Apt., and Prof. Deddi Prima Putra, Apt. Respectively, who were appointed by the Rector’s Decree No. 539/III/A/UNAND-2010 on June 25, 2010. On October 25, 2011, the election for the Head of Pharmacy Department for undergraduate program was conducted. The position was formerly held by the acting Dean Prof. Dr. Dachriyanus, Apt. In the election, Dr. Marlina, MS, Apt, who at that time was the Head of Accademic Affair of Faculty of Pharmacy, was elected as the Head of Department and legitimized by the Rector Decree No.: 1373/XIII/A/UNAND-2011.


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