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“To make Magister Program of Politics as the center of education and research as well as the development of human resources in mapping, arranging, analyzing, advocating the policies of political development associated with democracy and general election, public policies and provincial autonomy”.  


  1. To conduct further education process (magister degree program), research and the development of the study in Politics field, particularly democratic interest, general election and political party, public policies and governance as well as local politics and provincial autonomy.

  2. To develop human resources being able to comprehend, explain, analyze, and advocate the policies critically to resolve public, government and the development problems in the local level.

  3. To produce the Magister of Politics with the expertise related to the democratic interest, general election and politic party, public policies and governance, local politics and decentralization who are able to dedicate their expertise in democratic, public policy, governance in the district area in order to give the alternative solutions for problems in local level. 



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