Capacity Building Kewirausahaan Departemen Teknik Industri Fakultas Teknik  KLIK disini
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“To become a dignified and leading department in the field of social changes and the development in Sumatra Island”. 


  1. To facilitate students to have appropriate theoretical and practical competences to the program of sociological studies.

  2. To develop and rise the quantity and quality of research in social changes and underdeveloped and marginal areas.


Relation to Major Competence

  • To be able to study of behavior and social change, institutional relation within the society in various aspects of the development by using sociological analysis and quantitative and qualitative methods.

  • To be able to apply method of empowering society by making use of social and cultural assets in a problem solving

  • To be produce a creative , energetic,  and dynamic graduates

  • To be able to communicate both orally an in writing

Relation to  Supporting Competence 

  • To be able to use multi-media in presenting academic works

  • To be able to adapt and to have empathy to various social groups

  • To be able to cooperate in a teamwork both effectively and efficiently 

  • To be able to practice the profession professionally and ethically 


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