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“To make Communication Studies Department as the base of the development of Communication Studies and the center of the study of Media in the cultural context, therefore, it is able to create reliable, qualified and professional human resources of communication and information”.


To conduct the education, research and public service in the field of communication and media studies to produce human resources understanding the principle of communication and media processing in the cultural context.


The educational program is conducted under the system of semester credit for a period of  8 (eight) semesters and at last 14 fourteen) semesters. The curriculum of DEPT. of communication science. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Andalas University is designed with credit semester load as many as 149 SCU. The setting of subjects in the curriculum is grouped into  5 (five) groups namely:

  1. Subject of  \Personality Development (SPD)

  2. Subject of  science  and  Skill  (SSS)

  3. Subject of  Skill to work  (STW)

  4. Subject of  Behaving  and Doing  (SBD)

  5. Subject of  Social Behaving (SSB)


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