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“In the 2020, International Relations Department, Faculty of Social Science and Politics Andalas University becomes a leading and dignified institution of education, learning, research and public services on Global Governance (TKG), Global Political Economy (EPG) and diplomacy (D) in South East Asian area.”


  1. To conduct an innovative, creative and adaptive education and teaching in the field of Global Governance (TKG), Global Political Economy (EPG) and Diplomacy (D)

  2. To set up and organize a useful, qualified and continuous research and public service.

  3. To build the professional and integrated character upholding the morality, spirituality and humanity.

  4. To produce the graduates having academic competence and ability to solve the problems on Global Governance (TKG), Global Political Economy (EPG) and Diplomatic (D) field.

  5. To produce creative and innovative activities, works and publications to achieve strategic and superior position in national and in South East Asian levels.

  6. Consistently and continuously to run the principle of Good, Responsible and Green Governance in the institution management. 

  7. To to set up the cooperation with various levels to materialize the vision and mission of the institution.



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