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To materialize, develop and empower Anthropology Department as the indicator and basis of social culture assessment of Sumatra territory, especially, West Sumatra and continuously to empower human resource of the department to produce reliable, professional and wide experienced staffs to produce qualified and competitive graduates beneficial for both communities and country. This vision is in line with the vision of Andalas University that is to be a leading and dignified university.


  1. To conduct a qualified education on the field of Social Anthropology appropriate with current communities and future needs.

  2. To educate and facilitate the students have both theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to criticize the problem public face.    

  3. To develop and increase the quantity and quality of research in the fields of social changes and the developments.  

  4. To establish the productive partnership with many stakeholders.

  5. To enlarge the institutional department/study program oriented to a clean and good government. 


The student of anthropology to become a bachelor of anthropology (Sarjana Social), must complete minimal achievement of 146 Semester Credit Unit SCU). The mandatory subjects are 129 SCU and the elective subjects are 21 SCU. The elective ones are obliged as 17 SCU out of 37 SCU of the elective subjects offered.

The subjects available at DEPT. of anthropology consists of Mandatory Subjects and Elective Ones. The mandatory ones consist of Personality Development, Science and skill, subject of  behaving and doing and subject of social behaving, whereas the elective ones are practicing skills. 

The followings are the understanding of respective grouping of the subjects orderly:

The Subjects of Personality Development( SPD)

The field of Personality Development is aimed at educating the students so that they preserve a high personal integrity. Being critical and open and having high national spirit.

The Subjects of Science and Skill (SSS)

The field of science and skill is aimed at educating the students  to be able to master the concept, theory, and method of Anthropology, as well as are skilled in making use of it, understand and comprehend the concept and the theory of other  social sciences. To be skilled in ordering the research proposal and is conduct a research and publication.

The Subject of  Skill of Doing  (SSD)

The field of skill of doing is aimed at educating the students to be able to master certain field of study of anthropological science and able to apply it in order to develop science and to promote the quality of living of man-kind.

The Subject of Behaving and Doing  ( SBD )

The field of behaving and doing is aimed at educating the students in order to be concerned with and tend to stand on the society side and  to be able to conduct a research and write a research report.

The Subject of Social Behaving (SSB)

The field of social behaving is aimed at educating the students in order to  be able to implement their knowledge  among the society. Student is is take part in thinking of and to be able to apply the knowledge of anthropology in order that to prevent and to handle both social and cultural problems occurs in the society.


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