Pendaftaran Seleksi Masuk (SIMA) Universitas Andalas (SIMA-AKADEMIK DENGAN UJIAN)  KLIK disini
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To be an excellent and leading institution of accounting profession education with high competence and global competitive graduate.


  1. To conduct the qualified accounting profession education.

  2. To conduct the research in accounting to develop accounting theory and practice.  

  3. To build the networking with the related institution and accounting profession. 


The most of Accounting Profession Curriculum and syllabus contains the matters that are not found yet or available in the bachelor degree program or the application form of a certain concept or theory.The arrangement of Accounting Profession curriculum and syllabus also notices the needs of the user of accounting service. It is expected not to be static, but continuously developing that is appropriate with the changing of environment. Based on the decision of the Board Certified Accountant Indonesian Institute of Accountants Number Kep-04-B/SK/DSAP/IAI/III/2014 about 2014 Accounting Profession Syllabus and Curriculum Updates, the study load of Accounting Profession is 25 credits with 8 courses.

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