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“To become a qualified higher education and accountancy profession producing the independent and ethical graduates preserving a high accountant competence to be able to compete out-side of the national labor market”.


  1. To administer the education of a highly qualified accountancy and accountant’s profession. 

  2. To promote the ethic and independence based accountancy education,

  3. To promote both academic and applied researches I the field of accountancy and, 

  4. To provide the public service in the field of accountancy application.


Accounting Department of Faculty of Economic Andalas University has Bachelor Degree Program for Regular Accounting (in Indonesian language), International Class (in English Language) and Intake Class of Diploma (regular class and collaboration class with Financial and Development Supervisory Agency). The Outputs of the studies in Accounting Bachelor Degree Program of Faculty of Economic Andalas Unversity are formulated in the form of primary competence, secondary competence and other competences. Our graduate competences are outlined as below:


Primary Competence

  1. To be able to arrange financial report and competent to use the standard of accounting.

  2. To be able to analyze accounting and financial information to take a decision. 

  3. To be able to understand commercial rules for a certain transaction (tax effects that arisen, business law provisions that should be followed and capital market rules that should be obeyed. 

  4. To be able to audit financial report appropriate with the auditing standards.

  5. To be able to count the entire object accurately. 

  6. To be able to serve the accounting information for planning, controlling, management decision making and continuous maintenance. 

  7. To be able to count the working capital, funding and asses the alternative investment. 

  8. To be able to arrange company and government budgets. 

  9. To be able to assess the internal control system. 

  10. To be able to analyze and design the accounting information and management systems. 

  11. To be able to administer aspects of the taxation. 

  12. To be to apply quantitative method for decision making.


Secondary Competences

  1. To have impartiality, integrity and respect of people.

  2. To be able to audit the accounting information system. 

  3. To be able to implement tax accounting and make tax planning.

  4. To be able to identify and assess ethic issues within decision making process.

  5. To be able to formulate vision, mission and organization targets strategy and articulate it by convincingly.

  6. To be able to use computer software namely spreadsheet, word processing, PowerPoint and internet (be able to utilize the information and communication technology. 

  7. To have visions of nationality and social care and also leadership.

  8. To have ability to work effectively within pressure.

  9. To be able to work in team effectively, persuade and influence people to work collectively within the team. 

  10. To master Indonesian and English Language (spoken or written) well. 


Additional Competences

  1. To have attitude of willing to learn continuously (the intellectualcuriosity).

  2. To have adaptive attitude and open to receive a new outlook and changes. 

  3. To have entrepreneurship attitude namely dependent and innovative.


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