Pendaftaran Seleksi Masuk (SIMA) Universitas Andalas (SIMA-AKADEMIK DENGAN UJIAN)  KLIK disini
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“To become a leading Higher Education of Legal Institutions in Indonesia and is able to Compete in Southeast Asia”.


  1. To organize a leading academic and professional; sustainable education. 

  2. To conduct innovative basic and applied researches to support the development of science and technology as well as to improve academic publications and intellectual property;

  3. To dedicate science and technology to the public;

  4. To establish cooperation of sustainable and productive network with educational institutions, businesses and governments at local, national and international levels;

  5. To develop the organization in improving the quality of good governance, and able to anticipate and accommodate changes in the strategic environment.


  • Vision and Mission for Master of Law (Science of Law and Notary) equal to bachelor degree

  • Vision and Mission for Doctoral degree also equal to bachelor degree


One of strategies to increase the relevant curriculum to stakeholders, Law Faculty of Andalas University revised the curriculum that needed 6 months in the process in 2007 and had been validated through the Rector’s Regulation Number 719/XIIJIUNAND-2007 on August 13 2007. The development of labor market that needed the variety of legal skills has been sought to be accommodated within the curriculum of Faculty of Law in 2007. The minimum study load that was arranged by Legal Studies Department of Faculty of Law, Andalas University is 145 credits with the composition 22 courses and final task (legal writing) which equals to 58 credits as the main curriculum and 43 courses equal to 87 credits as institutional curriculum. It means that numbers of courses of the Main Curriculum is 40% and Institutional Curriculum is 60%.

The study load within the Main Curriculum aims to supply for students to gain the basic knowledge of legal studies, expertise and legal competence. Student final task is not only in form of thesis but also in a form of case study and Legal Memorandum. Other forms of the final task nowadays have been commonly done by legal profession. 

The study load that was summarized within the institutional curriculum accommodates the needs of labor market (stakeholders) by providing a numbers of interest of depth courses through special programs and optional courses to give legal skills and entrepreneurship that hopefully the graduates of Law Faculty can be used by stakeholders.

The main and institutional curriculums are grouped into Personality Development Course, Legal Scientific and Skills Courses, Work Skills Courses, Work Attitude Course and Social Life Courses. 

The Personality Development Course (Kelompok Matakuliah Pengembangan Kepribadian-MPK) is a group of studies and the subjects to develop a faithful and devoted man to the Almighty God and a virtuous man, with steady personality and independent and also has a sense of social and national responsibilities. The group of Legal knowledge and Skills (Matakuliah Keilmuan dan Keterampilan - IVIKK) is a group of studies and courses aimed to give the basic of certain mastery knowledge and skills.  

The group of work skills Course (Matakuliah Keahlian Berkarya- MKB) is a group of studies and subjects which aim to gain experts with the working basics knowledge and skills. The group of Work Attitude Courses (Matakuliah Perilaku Berkarya- MPB)  is a group of studies and courses which aim to shape the attitudes and behaviors needed by student to work in his/her level expertise based on the basic apprehended knowledge and skills. The group of Community Life Courses (Mata kuliah Berkehidupan Bermasyarakat-MBB) is a group of studies and courses needed by someone to understand the rules of community’s life in accordance with the choice of work of interest. The courses within the Group of Personality Development Coursesare not available in the Main Curriculum. 


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