Pra Pendaftaran untuk Penetuan UKT jalur SNMPTN 2022, akan di buka hari ini, kamis 7 April 2022, mulai pukul 14.30 WIB  KLIK disini
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“To be a leading Doctoral Program in development studies both in Indonesia and international level to build the thought, conception and implementation of sustainable development in Indonesia, and developing countries in general.”


  1. To develop multidimensional education as an attemp to the development of thought and the conception of sustainable development.

  2. To develop research in various aspects by applying thought and conception of sustainable development.

  3. To promote the absorption of thought, concept or recomended aplicative frameworks that are benefit for the development and improvement the quality of community’s life in general.



“ To be one of the educational institutions that generates the best  agriculture doctoral graduates in Indonesia and plays a major role in the network of academic cooperations nationally and internationally, especially in the aspects of agriculture and livestock in the tropical area.”


  1. To develop structured Agricultural Sciences education with the curriculum that emphasizes on the development of future agriculture and livestock needs - topics that   are full of challenges in the tropics.

  2. To focus on researches on tropical agricultural problems such as tropical marginal lands for tropical cultivation  crops and livestocks as well as their sustainable agricultural development.

  3. To promote technology transfer and  empowerment in agriculture / farm on tropical marginal lands for the cultivation and tropical livestocks.



To become the center of leading education and research, and dependable either, nationally or internationally in studying problems and developing the approach for integrated management of natural resources.


  1. To conduct the interactive teaching learning process introducing the model of natural resources management integrated to legal, economic, social and institutional, aspects as well as technical management such as the management of water catchment area and conservation, forestry, water quality air, and sea management

  2. To do a study through research, documentation, and dissemination of management issues of  natural resources integrally either legal, economic, social, and institutional aspects, as well as the technical aspect of management such as the management of  water catchment area and conservation, forestry, water quality, and sea management.

  3. To assist the related parties either government, private or society in making a plan of management or making policy in utilizing the natural resources through the study of natural resources  potency  comprehensively and in integrative way through  the approach  of integrated management .



To become a reference study program in the development of housing and residence either academically or professionally.


  1. To develop the material and method of teaching stimulating his/her concerns to the problem and the solution to produce the progressive graduates.

  2. To develop the focuses on researches in the field of strategic studies in order to make the graduates proactive.

  3. To develop the cooperative potency through a studio to studio activity and other excursion activities as to make the graduates to have a broad horizon.



To become a Study Program of Master’s in Science of Environment which is the center of excellence at national level in 2018.


To contribute something in the sustainable development through the administration of education, research, and public service in the field of: 

  1. Management of agro-ecosystem and eco-system water treatment system;

  2. Development of utility of alternative resources; 

  3. Development of innovative thinking in environmental management policy.



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