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Medical Education Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Andalas firstly was established in December 2003 by the Letter of Decree from the Dean of Medical Faculty Number: 3302 / J16.2 / TU / 2003 based on the instructions of Higher Education which assigned Prof. Dr. Khalilul Rahman, SpM (K) as the chairman of the MEU Medical Faculty, Andalas University, and Dr. Rahmatina B. Herman, PhD as secretary. While the appointment of MEU personnel firstly stated in the Decree of Dean of Medical Faculty Andalas University dated 16 April 2004, No. 56 / J16.2 / PP / 2004. In the third point of the decree, it is stated that MEU Medical Faculty-Andalas University’s duties are to think, to plan, and if necessary to implement the program as well as asessed the program and proposed an opinion whether requested or not requested in order to develop Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Andalas.

The Position and function of Education Center of Medical Faculty / Medical Education Unit (MEU), as stated in Annex 3 KIPDI III is a part of the Faculty / University that is responsible to the Dean/Rector in the areas of medical education curriculum development with the following functions:

The development of faculty’s curriculum, that is to prepare faculty’s curriculum and the implementation of curriculum development in accordance to the needs;

The development of teaching learning, namely to draft strategy of teaching implementation in accordance with curriculum implementation;

The development of human resources (HR), that makes the requirements design as well as to increase capacity of teaching staff in medical education; Assistance, monitoring and evaluation of education.


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