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The Biochemistry Department was originally established by Prof. H. Schulelts in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera in 1957. It was also a time of an upheaval and it led to the decrease in the number of overseas lecturer working for the University of Andalas. Lectures and practicum were consequently held off.

In 1961 the department was moved to Padang where lectures and practicum were not held in one place. It was around this time that Prof. A. Roesma took the position of teaching staff. To meet the needs of faculty, Laboratory of Biochemistry of Universitas Andalas (UA) sent teaching staff, such as Havid Ardi, Marias Marianas and Zainil D Muchtar,  to the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Indonesia. Biochemistry Lab of UA was helped by some teaching staff from the University of Indonesia. 

Biochemistry Laboratory was moved to Jl. Situjuh No. 1 in 1970, so lectures and practicum could be held in one place. Quantitative practicum at that time already featured Japan-made calorimeter photo tools. Classes were divided into two levels: Junior level I and senior level II.

In 1977 Biochemistry Laboratory was moved again to Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 77 and since then it has occupied a permanent place. Teaching Materials and practicum lecture were given in 7 Credits: 3 Credits given to Level I Students and 4 credits to Level II Students. In 1988, there were three Biochemistry teaching staff members who completed Doctorate Degree both from local universities and abroad.

In 2004, there was a shift in teaching methods in the Faculty of Medicine. Teacher Centered Learning (TCL) fell out of favor and was replaced by Student Centered Learning (SCL) which is also known as Problem Based Learning (PBL). In the PBL system each course equals 1 credit (16 x 50 minutes) and practicum equals a half of a credit. In addition to lectures and practicum, students attend a 4-hour tutorial, specifically for topics of metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleotides and relationships of metabolism.  

Since 2010 the department has been using some devices such as spectrophotometer, Gama Counter / Radio Immuno Assay (RIA).


The Physiology Department of Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University (FK-UNAND) was founded in Bukittinggi in 1957. It was led by dr. Nizar who was the head of department. At that time, Physiology lectures were given by dr. Nizar himself and assisted by dr. Liem Giem Tjiang and dr. A. Roesma.

After Faculty of Medicine moved to Padang, the Department of Physiology was also moved to the capital city. The Physiology laboratory was placed on Jalan Padang Situjuh 1. In the period of 1960 -1962, Physiology lectures were carried out by 7 lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI). Some students of Physiology Practicum among others, Julius, Yusril, Junaidi, M. Zein Zainuddin and Noran Masri at that time were trained by Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. In 1978, the laboratory was transferred to the campus of Faculty of Medicine on Jalan Perintis and remains there to this day.


Histology Department was established in 1955, during that time the campus of Medical Faculty was located in Bukittinggi. The head of department was Prof. dr. M. Syaaf, which at the same time also served as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Unand. In 1957 the faculty was moved to Padang, as well as the histology department. Initially, the histology laboratory was located in Pondok area, but later it was moved to Jln. Situjuh No. 1, along with the Departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Histology department was moved to Jalan Perintis and has remained there since 1970.

Up to 2004, lectures and practicum were conducted every week and each equals 2 credits per semester, in semester I and II. It was in accordance with the rules of KIPDI I. As a result of the changes of in KIPDI II, every lecture and practicum in semester I, II and III equals 3 credits. 

The Histology department has been working to improve the quality of human resources and facilities to support the lecture and lab activities. In an effort to develop the quality of human resources, The department of Histology always motivates and facilitates the teaching staff to continue to improve themselves through higher education (master’s and doctorate degrees), attend trainings, to produce scientific writing, and support lecturers during the process of certification. In 2009, a professor and two lecturers passed the certification. Then in 2010 three lecturers were still in the process of receiving certification. In addition, since 2008, this department has admitted a new lecturer each year, all is for the regeneration of teaching staff at the Histology department.

Public Health Sciences Department of Public Health Sciences was first established in the Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University in 1967 with dr. Hari Purnomo as the head of the department. He was assisted by two staff members, dr. Bastian Manalu and dr. Sabaruddin Abbas. Later, dr. Zulkarnain Agus and dr. R. Faisal Djamal joined the staff.

The first professor of Public Health Sciences Faculty was dr. Sabaruddin Abbas. Then Dr. R. Faisal Djamal followed became the second one. In 2010, dr. Rizanda Machmud became the next Professor. 

Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional Science Department, previously it was a Sub Department of Public Health Sciences. It was founded in 1980 by dr. Zulkarnain Agus, MPH, MSc. The establishment of this department began with one person as the staff and as well the Head of the Department. It was confirmed by an appointment letter of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. In May 1999, DR. Dr. Masrul, MSc, SpGK was the head of the department. From the year 2004 to 2010, the department was led by Prof. Dr. Nur Indraty lipoeto, PhD, and  the Secretary was dr. Delmi Sulastri, MS, SpGK. Starting from 2011 it has been headed by Dr. dr. Delmi Sulastri, MS, SpGK.

The current staff members of Nutrional Sciences are dr Zulkarnain Agus, MPH MSc, Prof dr Fasli Jalal, PhD, Dr dr Masrul, Prof dr Nur Indrawaty Liputo, PhD, Dr. dr Delmi Sulastri, MS, dr Ulya Uti Fasrini, dr Desmawati. Nutritional Sciences includes Community Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. Along with Nutritional Sciences and in response to the fact that nutritional problems that have become more complicated (showcased by nutrigenomics), Nutritional Sciences Department still needs at least five new staff members from various disciplines related to Nutrition.

To improve the quality of the teaching staff, the Nutritional Sciences Department is currently being active in conducting research, scientific presentations, seminars and publications both in medical media and the various workshops at home and abroad. So far there have been more than 50 seminars as presenters or participants both at home and abroad and more than 30 titles of scientific publications at home and abroad.

Nutritional Sciences Department of Andalas University is the nation’s second Nutritional Sciences Department to be established after the first one at University of Indonesia. There have been a variety of nation-wide activities/programs, especially in multidisciplinary and multicentre types of research. In this regard, an intense cooperation has been set with BKKBN, MOH, WHO, JICA, Hellen Keller International (HK), The Japan Foundation and others. Nutritional Sciences staff has been actively doing research. In the last five years, they have done research not only in the field of Community Nutrition but also the field of Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomics.

Anatomy Pathology

Anatomical Pathology Division of Faculty of Medicine UNAND was pioneered by its founder dr. Oey Hok Kim in 1961 which at that time was in the the military conscription status and served at the military hospital of Kodam III Padang. Then, this division was developed into Pathological Institution of FK-UNAND on June 30. 1965 with it first Division Head was dr. Oey Hok Kim (Wijaya Hakim). He was appointed to be the professor (Guru Besar) in 1967 and kept managing this Division until he pensioned in 1988.

Other the pioneering staff of  the Anatomical  Pathology Division of FK-UNAND ware dr.Yusril, dr. Hari Purnomo, dr. Zainal Hakim, dr.Asri Todo, dr.Firdaus Iskandar, dr.Bustami Bey, dr.Ali Umar Hamzah, dr.Rusydi Abbas, dr.Muhammad Din. Later on in its development, it admitted the second requirement of admittance listing in the era of 1970-s, namely dr. Salmiah Agus, dr.R Z Nizar (transferred from Division of PA FK-UNPAD Bandung) and dr. Esther H Mashuri.

In order to promote the quality of education it was necessary to increase the quality of Division Staff. Therefore, it sent the teaching staffs to various educational Institutions. Dr. Asri Todo was sent to FK-UI Jakarta in 1973 and obtained his Brevet in 1976. He also acquired opportunity to study to Holland. Dr. RZ Nizar was sent to Singapore in 1975 and dr. Ali Umar Hamzah was sent to Semarang in1976, later on, followed by dr. Muhammad Din and Dr. Salmiah Agus in 1980, dr. Esther H Mashuri was sent to Singapore in 1981.

Faculty of Medicine Unand had admitted dr. Grace Wijaya Hakim as the Junior Teaching Staff in 1985 and was sent to Faculty of Medicine, North Sumatera University in Medan, to receive his Brevet, however, then, he resigned in 1999, dr Aswiyanti Asri was accepted as a teaching staff and she continued to Post-Graduate Program S2 and Specialist-1 PA at FK-UNDIP in Semarang starting in 2000, and in 2005 she was already active as a teaching staff. In in 2002 dr. Yenita and dr Noza Hilbertina were accepted as teaching Staffs, in 2005 the new teaching staffs were received for re-generation namely dr. Henny Mulyani and dr. Tofrizal. The four Junior Teaching Staffs at the moment are continuing their education of Specialist-1 PA at Faculty of Medicine UNAND which at that time still took place by the faculty of medicine of USU Medan and post-graduate of S2 in Bio-medics at faculty of Medicine UNAND.



This division was established in 1962 after Arnes Aziz came back from having the program ”teaching staff ” at the  Parasitologic Division FKUI Jakarta. The first Head of Division was Prof. DR. Sri Oemiyati from Parasitologic Division FKUI Jakarta, dr. Arnes Aziz was appointed as the Assistant of the  Perguruan Tinggi after the Letter of appointment from Depdikbud.

In 1963, Drs. Martono and Dra. Ny. Dee Martono was transferred from the Parasitological Division of FK-UI and became a permanent lecturer of Parasitology at FK UNAND. Drs. Martono was appointed as the Head of Division.

The adding of teaching staffs and assistants started in 1965 up to1969  among others:

  1. Drs. Med. Djohor (1965)

  2. Dra. Med. Rosdiana Safar (1965)

  3. Drs. Med Djohar Ismail (1967)

  4. Drs. Med. Muslim (1969)

  5. Drs. Med. Surya M. Nur (1969)

In order to develop the Division, the Parasitology sent (three) Staff in 1976 namely dr. Arnes Aziz to Parasitologi FKUI (for 9 months), dr. Djohor to Thailand (for 6 months) and dr. Surya M.Nur to Bogor (Seameo) for 6 months.

In 1977 dr. Muslim was transferred to Ocular Division of FK UNAND. In 1980, dr. Martono passed away and the Division Head was substituted by dr. Arnes Aziz. In 1981 dr. Ny. Dee Martono was retired, and Parasitologic Division admitted 1 (one) staff namely Dra. Nuzulia Irawati., who then was sent to the Parasitologic Division FKUI in Jakarta for Post-Graduate in the Medical Parasitology in 1982.

In 1984, the Parasitologic Division sent dr. Rosdiana Safar to Malaysia to take the Diploma  program of Applied Parasitology & Entomology for 6 (six) months. In the same year, Dr. Djohor died in Jakarta.

In 1993, the Parasitologic Division accepted two staffs, namely: Drs. Adrial and Dra.  Hasmiwati who were appointed as Honorary Staff. Then, Drs. Adrial and Dra. Hasmiwati consecutively were appointed government officers in 1994 and 1995. In 1997 Drs. Adrial and Dra. Hasmiwati continued their study at UGM Yogyakarta for Master of Tropical Medicine and both returned in mid-2000.

In 1998, the Parasitologic Division admitted another a staff member namely: dr. Nurhayati. In 2000 dr. Nurhayati continued her study at Parasitologic Division of FK-UI in Jakarta for Master’s in Bio-medics and finished in January 2003.

In 2002, dr. Nora Harminarti joined. She continued her study to Parasitologic Division of FK-UI in Jakarta for Master’s in Bio-medics, she finished it in September 2007.

In 2004, the Parasitologic Division had two contracted staffs namely dr. Selfi Renita Rusjdi and dr. Rina Gustuti. Dr. Selfi Renita Rusdji was appointed PNS in 2005, and dr. Rina Gustuti did not extend the contract.

In 2006 dr Taufik Ashal joined as a contracted lecturer, however was transferred to Lunatic Division in 2009. In the same year, Parasitologic Division accepted another 1 staff, namely dr. Eka Nofita.


The activity of pharmacological contact hour has started in 1960 by the arrival of the lecturers from Faculty of Medicine Indonesian Unversity. In 1962, Drs. Med. Junaidi (procurement coordinator) with Drs. Med. M. Zein Zainudin and Drs. Med Yap Tjai Kiat (lecturing and practice coordinator) established pharmacological Division but it was still attached to the physiological division. In 1971, dr. Yavis was sent to take education at Faculty of Medicine, Indonesian University and came-back with brevet Expert of Pharmacology in 1972. The similar education could only again start in 1980 and dr. Bahroelim Bahry obtained his brevet 1982. In 1976, dr. Syaifullah Rani took TERC in Australia and in 1981 he took post-graduate program at FK UNAIR Surabaya. From 1975, Dra. Salma Salim, Apt became a teaching staff and followed by dr. Hasni Syam in 1978. In 1981 Dra. Salma Salim followed an orientation in the field of Analytic Pharmacology (Medicine Analysis) at the Pharmacological Division FKUI. In 1980, dr. M. Husni Gani joined the teaching staff however, in 1989 he moved to Forensic Division FK Unand. In 1992, Dra. Salma Salim and dr. Hasni Syam were accredited expert of Pharmacology by IKAFI.

In 1988, Dra. Yusticia Katar, Apt had an opportunity to take post-graduate and doctoral programs (S2-S3) at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Germany and came-back with a Doctoral Degree in 1993. Then, dr. Handayani took her Master’s Program FK UNAIR 2000 and then she was followed by dr. Rahmatini FK UGM in 2001. Later on, it was followed by Dra. Elly Usman, Apt, MS, Dra. Erlina Rustam, Apt, MS as well as Drs. Hari Purnomo, Apt, MS who joined the teaching staff of Pharmacological Division and Therapeutics in 1999. In 2006 Drs. Hari Purnomo, Apt, MS was transferred to UGM. The lacks of teaching staff were fulfilled by dr. Laila Isrona in 2003 and dr. Ilmiawatiin 2008.  In 2014, the Pharmacological Division had to release two potential teaching staff to occupy the other posts; Dr. dr. Handayani become the Dean at a private Faculty of Medicine in Java Island whereas dr. Laila Isrona, M.Sc served at the Educational Bureau of Medicine Faculty of Andalas University.

In 2014, it was also marked by the return of dr. Ilmiawati having completed her doctoral program in the field of Environmental Toxicology at Jichi Medical University, Japan. In the same year, dr. Rozi Abdullah was received as the teaching staff and he immediately continued his professional education, and followed by dr. Gestina Aliska, at Program Doctor’s Education of Clinical Pharmacology Specialist at University of Indonesia.

Physics The Medical Physics of UNAND was founded by dr. Nord Fordst from Sweden in 1955 in Birugo exactly at the SD Birugo Bukittinggi now. After moving to Padang, in 1960 Division of Physics FK-UNAND provided a place for the practice of physics across the faculty at Unand and FKIP Padang. In 1979-1981 it joined “Service Department of Physics Unand” managed by FMIPA.

Along with the development of Medical Sciences, Division of Medical Physics has attempted to adjust the curriculum of physics according to the needs of an expectant doctor from “basic physics” to “medical physics”. As well as in the aspect of basic physics practice was reduced as necessary and substituted it with medical physics practice such as the use of thermometer, tension-meter, gauge of blood sediment rate, application of ohm rule in human body (practice of TENS SKIN) and so on. Several practical instruments were renewed by taking advantages of non-regular and matriculation programs.

Nowadays, the laboratory of Medical Physics of FK-UNAND serves the practice for the students of matriculation and nursery study program of nursery FK-UNAND.

Within the last 5 (five) years there have been 3 (three) teaching staffs who retired, namely, Dr. Mirfan, dr. H. Amiruddin Kaoem and Drs. Zaharuddin Ali.

Biology This Division was founded in 1960, its First Head of Division was drs. Wiand who took office up to 1965. As to promote the education of its staffs, some were sent to the centers of education such as   Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya and Manado. At the moment, the Division of this Medical Biology has owned  3 (three) Staffs of S2 Graduated


It was founded in 1955, its First Head of Division was Prof. Isrin Nurdin. The laboratory instruments were donated by Stanvac. Nowadays, it has 2 (two) Staff who had a master degrees, that the graduates produced by Faculty of Medicine Unand which are have the competences of basic medical sciences in and can compete in the globalization era.


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